FFH BIBS x TMF Skyve Pad

Road cycling is an extreme sport and good comfort is rarely associated with the idea of ​​6 hours in the saddle. Still, we've spent a long time finding and testing the pillow we believe has the best comfort, without compromising on performance and expression.

TMF Skyve pad is a high-performance pad ideal for pedaling over 8 hours on extreme road and dirt trails. Its ergonomic shape is one of a kind due to the unique TMF skyving technology applied to various foam combinations.

More particularly, superlight foam allows for greater impact absorption in the ischial area, while a more versatile foam of lower density has been applied in the pubic area to optimize comfort.
As a result, increased pressure while leaning on the front of the saddle in the racing position is avoided.The zig-zag carbon fabric has an anti-static effect that improves cycling performance.

The holes in the new breath tech backing accompany the movement of pedaling - opening during leg extension and then closing again when the leg bends.
The continuous action of pedaling thus contributes to the expulsion of moisture to the outside, which dries quickly in contact with air.