Behind the scenes FAR FROM HOME cycling


FAR FROM HOME is a Danish cycling apparel brand specialising in importing high quality cycling wear from its trusted Italian manufacturer located in Tuscany.

The company is founded by two friends from Copenhagen, who want to make cycling more accessible to everyone by providing quality cycling clothing at reasonable prices.

We believe that cycling is not about flashing logos and buying the most expensive gear. In our minds, cycling represents a feeling of freedom, the strong bonds that arise to others when riding in a group, and the physical and mental challenges that push you to new levels and keep you healthy. That is why we have created FAR FROM HOME so that every cycling enthusiast can get high-quality cycling wear for affordable prices without having to flash an abundance of logos.

We spent nearly a year to create and optimise our cycling jerseys, BIB shorts and cycling socks and proudly presented our first collection in June 2021. By having a small and timeless collection, no expensive physical store, and selling directly to our customers through our website, we are able to provide high-quality sportswear at reasonable prices.

The team behind
FAR FROM HOME is founded by Johan Thybo & Mathias Vogt. While Johan has a business background, Mathias has many years of experience in the fashion industry and wanted to combine his two passions: cycling and clothing. In 2022, Ingo Valentin Jensen joined the team as the company is about to expand its collection and push the sales to new highs.

If you want to get in touch, you are very welcome to contact us on contact@farfromhome.cc