Behind the scenes FAR FROM HOME cycling clothing


FAR FROM HOME's journey began with a shared vision between two friends from Copenhagen, Johan Thybo and Mathias Vogt. Their combined expertise in business and fashion led to the creation of a brand that transcends the ordinary cycling apparel market. Rooted in the belief that cycling is more than just a sport – it's a way of life, a bond with fellow riders, and a path to personal growth – FAR FROM HOME strives to make this experience accessible to all.

With dedication and attention to detail, we spent over a year crafting and refining our signature FFH Jerseys, BIB shorts, and cycling socks. In June 2021, we proudly unveiled our first collection, a testament to our commitment to quality and comfort. Unlike traditional retail models, FAR FROM HOME's strategy involves a concise collection and an online-only approach, allowing us to provide premium sportswear directly to the consumer while fostering a strong sense of community among our fellow cyclists. We believe in more than just selling products; we strive to be a brand that connects with riders on a deeper level. Our journey began with the goal of creating cycling apparel that not only performs exceptionally but also reflects the passion and spirit of the cycling community.

As our brand aspirations grew, Ingo Valentin joined as CEO in 2022. His leadership aims to propel FAR FROM HOME to new heights, expanding its reach and impact. We believe that our trio's diverse backgrounds and shared passion for cycling drive the brand's ethos – that every enthusiast should be able to experience the joy of cycling without the need for excessive branding.

For those interested in connecting with FAR FROM HOME, reaching out is as simple as sending an email to contact@farfromhome.cc. Our brand story continues to unfold, inviting cycling enthusiasts to join us on a journey where quality, comfort, and the spirit of the ride converge.


All the best, 

Ingo, Johan & Mathias