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Social Bike Ride: NO.EXCUSES Community & FAR FROM HOME - 23/04/2023

Social Bike Ride: NO.EXCUSES Community & FAR FROM HOME - 23/04/2023
Join us on a social bike ride followed by panini sandwiches, draft beer, coffee and fun in the sun.
Come and join us for a fun and social bike ride Sun. the 23rd of April, organized by FAR FROM HOME & NO.EXCUSES COMMUNITY. For cyclists departure is at 10am. Subsequently, everyone can join the good times at 12 noon.
PART 1: 10-12 Bike Ride
PART 2: Fun in the sun with sandwich, beer and coffee.
(EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join the fun, even if they can't join the bike ride)
PART 1: Free
PART 2: Everyone is welcome to stop by, but we have arranged food, beer and coffee, which you get included in the price of the following package:
- FFH x No Excuses Base Layer* (normal price DKK 285 DKK)
- A panini sandwich
- Draft beer/water
- Coffee or tea
*Base Layer is a unisex collab product perfect for both training, running and cycling. See more FFH x No Excuses Base Layer
Reserve a size in advance by transferring DKK 200 to Ingo Valentin Jensen on mobilepay with comment: FFH x No Excuses + str.
Location: Georg Brandes Pl. 2, 1307 København K.
We meet at 10:00am at 'Jack's Hole in a Wall', just across the street from 'Statens Museum for Kunst' in Copenhagen.
The ride starts at 10:15 and covers 45 km.: around Amager-route.
We will arrange different pace groups, so everyone has the opportunity to participate. After the ride, we return to Jack's café around 12:15pm, where we serve panini sandwiches, draft beer and coffee. Hopefully outdoor in the courtyard if the weather allows us. Otherwise, we have reserved the cafe's indoor rooms.
We will officially launch our first collab product: FFH x No Excuses Base Layer, which is a new style perfect for both training, running and cycling.
It will also be possible to buy cycling apparel from FAR FROM HOME and training styles from NO.EXCUSES at reduced prices.
If you don't have the opportunity to join the bike ride, don't worry! You are still welcome to join us at the location in the courtyard at 12:15 for a beer and a shopping opportunity. We will to stay for a few beers and enjoy the spring sun until 3pm.
We hope to see you there!
- Coach K (Nonkoh Kallon) / NO.EXCUSES.Community
- Christoffer Søe / Jack's hole in a Wall
- Ingo, Johan, Mathias / FAR FROM HOME

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